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Executive Producer
Creative Director
TEAM BUilder

​​Hi there!  I’m Ken Warun, an award-winning creative director, writer, and producer.  But I’m a lot more than just that.  In between building internal creative studios at companies like Amazon, HTC, and Sony, leading a marketing department at Disney and running Serious Fun my own creative consultancy, I got certified as a Hellerwork Practitioner (a form of body that will change your life, dabbled in close-up magic, and worked on my stand-up.  And even though I’ve won over 30 awards for creative work, this is by far my favorite production.

At my core I am a problem solver, and I love finding new solutions to creative challenges. Some of my favorite work has come from the limitations of time and budget. Here’s an example of just that, a spot that I wrote and produced in 5 days.


Collaboration is my secret sauce.  No matter how good the idea, when you work on it as a group, good likely turns to great. So, if you're looking for someone to turn challenges into triumphs and ideas into realities, I'd love to chat.

Let's collaborate and create something great together!

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